Digitizing Supply Chain

Attabotics, a robotics supply chain company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Attabotics provides a robotic warehousing and fulfillment system that has the potential to redefine the market. Attabotics has taken a different perspective on the technology. Instead of developing technology to speed the human workload, Attabotics is a robotic-centric storage and retrieval system.

Axogyan as a technology partner with Attabotics delivered the technology at scale required for robot routing inside the structure. To complete a delivery task with the least amount of time possible each robot is routed to maintain a constant throughput of the system. The need was to predict the completion time taken by each bot accurately. One way to calculate a more realistic and accurate travel time is to employ a data-driven approach which takes into account the actual travel time, delays due to blockages etc.,


The above 3D system that can be deployed in a smaller space, for a smaller entry level cost, providing industry leading throughput and an opportunity to redefine the warehouse space from large, hub and spoke systems, to small, agile, nodal delivery stations.

This data-driven model can predict a more realistic time which was closer to the actual time the robot will end up taking because of the learnings from the past experience. This consequently led to even more optimized supply chain in Attabotics 3D fulfillment centres.