AutoMTO - Digitizing P&ID

Oil & Gas which was once was a lucrative investment, now struggles to ensure the same level of light. A lot of things have changed in the past few years which has pushed the Oil & Gas industry into a less profitable terrain for the investments. The slump in the oil market and the resulting fall in new investments has drastically changed the Oil & Gas EPC market. This has led to fewer interests from investors and projects for EPC clients implying a low number of deals in the market. This shift has led to a reduction in the number of "Proposals to Conversion" ratio. In order to sustain the same order every year, EPC companies are having to respond to almost twice the number of proposals. This has put the scalability of the proposal process to test.

Everchanging Engineering Standards

Every engineering P&ID has its own set of legends i.e., there are certain set of symbols, lines and texts that are annotated particularly to a project. One has to start afresh everytime a new project P&ID sheet is handed out. With AutoMTO there exists a flexibility to handle project wise P&ID's from the specific legend sheet. Apart from the legend sheet, these P&ID sheet come with different sizes, specifications that have to be taken into account before digitizing any P&ID. This part is taken care by AutoMTO, it automatically factors in all the sizes and types in order to digitize P&ID and then create MTO.

Risk is twofold

During the proposal stage, EPC service providers are battling risks on two fronts, first risk is to detect all the symbols correctly and create an MTO. Secondly, to propose the bid which is competitive, in order to successfully take over the project one has to ensure correct costs and then submit the proposals.

100% Accuracy with Human Interaction

In a high risk scenario, bringing human factor into the system in order to make it a 0 risk process. The key is to leverage ML for repetitive tasks that are error-prone for humans, based on the sheer number of instances to be identified. We bring in human-in-the-loop feature to mitigate this risk, which closes the gap of machine understanding and human engineer understanding and thus taking the accuracy to 100%.

Revision Control Management and Query-able database

The client has everchanging demands, these changes from the client are reflected in the latest P&ID sheets which are handed over to EPC engineers. To track these changes engineers manually have to go through the P&ID sheets and then account for these changes. This process is tiresome and time consuming. With AutoMTO we aim for an AI system that is able to monitor and track any changes made on the previous version of P&ID with revision control management feature. This feature delivers high flexibility to the human engineers, by resolving this task in few seconds. At the same time AutoMTO, stores all the information of the past projects from P&ID in a structured way. Let's say there was a critical human knowledge which was required to understand what happens when there occurs a unique set of condition in the P&ID for e.g., two flanges between a valve. These conditions are rare to occur in many projects but require specialized human supervision in order to create an MTO. With AutoMTO, the process of tracking all the past unique occurences in P&ID and then making them searchable, saves both time and resources whenever such issue is encountered in the current project. This acts as a central repository of the knowledge database within the organization.

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100% accuracy in MTO generation

With AutoMTO, generate 100% accurate MTOs and increase cost estimations and thus profitability.

No human error

Reduction of risk be removing the human factor in the process of generating an MTOs.

Digitizing legacy P&IDs

Digitize your legacy P&IDs and transform them into a queryable repository and get depth analysis of past decisions and costs

Competitive bidding

With AutoMTO the estimation of cost improves, getting lean to zero buffers, while submitting competitive bids during proposal.

70% Reduction in Cost

With AutoMTO, the cost reduction is about 70% from the legacy setting of generating manual MTOs