Bosch - Pedestrian Protection System

More than 270,000 pedestrians lose their lives on the world’s roads each year (WHO) accounting for 22% of the total 1.24 million road traffic deaths in 2013. Bosch wanted an AI based electronic system for the protection of pedestrians on the road. Which would be safe as well as cost-effective at the same time. The one fulfils the legal requirements for pedestrian protection on the vehicles.

Axogyan created a proactive pedestrian protection system that uses radar or video sensors for early detection of pedestrians that assists drivers brake and take evasive action if there is a threat of a car-pedestrian collision. If braking alone is no longer enough to prevent a collision with a pedestrian who suddenly walks out in front of the car, the assistant instantaneously computes an evasive maneuver.

As soon as drivers start taking evasive action, the system kicks in to support the steering maneuver. The driver is alerted at least half a second before a situation of potential collision happens. This takes only 5 msec to foresee and analyze an imminent accident in order to optimally react so that no pedestrians get hurt while delivering increased safety for both driver and pedestrian on the road.